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Do you find yourself advising clients on the issues that go beyond the law

  • Helping the client think through a problem he's up against?
  • Analyzing alternatives in order to reach a sound decision?
  • Coming up with a workable course of action?

If you doand for most experienced lawyers today, this is a significant aspect of their practice then you simply must read James C. Freund's latest book, Advise and Invent: The Lawyer as Counselor Strategist and Other Essays.

For those of you who have read Mr. Freund's classic work, LAWYERING: A Reaslistic Approach to Legal Practice, his latest effort can be viewed as advanced lawyering a post-graduate course in some of the more subtle and significant aspects of client advice, including:

  • The anatomy of making a decision;
  • Dealing with a client who doesn't know his own mind;
  • Coping with unconscious bias that can influence good judgment;
  • Framing questions so as not to influence the answer.

And then, there's an intimate look at the lawyer in his role as strategist which is just what Mr. Freund does in real life, as a leading New York M&A Lawyer working his way through a thorny dilemma that's confronting his client, in order to arrive at a workmanlike resolution.

And that's not all that Advise and Invent has to offer. There are also a number of other essays by Mr. Freund on a wide variety of subjects, including:

  • Writing;
  • The legal profession and particularly women lawyers;
  • Vacations;
  • Memory, assumptions, one-upmanship, bores, junk mail and other fascinating topics.


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