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Anatomy of a Merger introduces a fresh approach to the key elements of acquisition and merger transactions primarily those negotiating and analytical aspects that may not have been previously considered in any formal way.

The author of ANATOMY is a practicing attorney active in the merger and acquisition field. The book is written from that viewpoint. It is not an academic treatise on mergers; it is a how-to-do-it guide that takes the reader from the preliminary negotiations right up to the closing and even beyond, step-by-step, in the "real world" context which he has to work, which means: handling his own client negotiating with opposing lawyers - dealing with third parties and shepherding the transaction through regulatory agencies.

ANATOMY is chock full of negotiating techniques and tactics. Some are geared to effectuating workable compromises that solve the parties' needs while not yielding any protections considered vital to the parties' interests. Others are aimed at getting a leg up on the adversary. One of the book's principal points is how these twin, seemingly antithetical goals, can and should be attained.

This book can be purchased from the publisher at or calling 212-457-7738 (ask for Linda).