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My immediate family consists of my wife, Barbara Fox, my sons Erik and Tom, and their young daughters Paige and Delilah.

Here's Barbara.  

My wife and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary – and all I can say is that it gets better every year. Barbara is a real dynamo, a force of nature. She manages her 50-broker real estate firm, Fox Residential, and handles major transactions. She has been honored with two of the highest awards in the industry – the Henry Forster Memorial Award in 1997 for lifetime achievement in residential real estate, and the Real Estate Board of New York’s Kenneth R. Gerrety Humanitarian Award in 2015 for exemplary services to the community.

In addition to running our two households (including the care of our seven animals and other canines with weekend guest privileges), Barbara runs a pet rescue organization, WOOF!, which has just completed a banner year, rescuing close to 100 dogs and cats from being euthanized in the NYC shelter system. Woof! attends to their health and socialization needs, and then finds them loving new homes. Barbara funds Woof! predominantly on her own, but is appreciative of others who care to generously help out.

            Above all, Barbara is doing her best to keep me youthful – she simply won’t allow me to wither.

Here are some pictures of my wonderful sons and their terrific daughters.


I’m enthusiastic about my warm relations with sons Erik and Tom. We share good times, reminisce about joyous moments from the old days, play music together, also tennis and backgammon. I’m supportive where I can be helpful, and from time to time they actually seek some counsel from the old guy. And we conclude most of our frequent phone conversations with a mutual chorus of, “I love you.”

See also the Music section for some further info on Tom’s activities.

Each son has sired a daughter – Tom’s Delilah and Erik’s Paige – and the boys are exemplary fathers. The girls (now  11 and 8) are bright, pretty, warm, and utterly delightful. My times with them are a real tonic, and I feel their warmth toward me is genuine. The sole problem is geography – that these treats can only be savored on a part-time basis. I wish they lived down the block, where I could take more advantage of my good fortune in being a grandfather to these terrific young women.



Here are the six of us at my 80th Birthday Party in July 2014.


My father, Sylvan Freund, died much too soon in 1974. His business made displays for department store windows and was responsible for the angels that still adorn Rockefeller Center at Christmastime. Here are photos of him accepting the highest award of the display industry, and with my mother on their honeymoon and a later trip to Rome.

My mother, Marcy Freund, passed away in 2013 at the age of 105. She was a strong influence in my life, and mentally acute through her last birthday. Here are some photos.     

Mom was an artist (here with her work at an exhibit at the National Arts Center) and she also knitted beautifully into her 100's. The picture of us was taken on a cruise when Mom was about 90, and blowingout the candles on her cake at her 105th birthday party.

But her favorite moments were when the family got together.
I have no brothers or sisters. Barbara has a close sister, Marjorie Hilton, and members of their family are pictured at the recent wedding of our niece Alison to Josh Friedman
Joe Hilton, Marjorie Hilton, Josh Friedman, Alison Hilton Friedman, Alexis Mintz, Kate Mintz, Charlie Mintz, Barbara Fox and Jim Freund

Barbara is very close to her grand-niece Kate and grand-nephew Charlie.     


No family compilation would be complete without inclusion of our numerous animals, pictured on our 2014 holiday card.