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LAWYERING is a fresh and realistic approach to the practice of law today, from the down-to-earth vantage point of an experienced practitioner.

LAWYERING analyzes in depth the principal qualities that make up the compleat attorney such as the capacity to communicate, the ability to turn out timely work under pressure, the exercise of good judgment. It goes right to the root of a lawyer's "people problems", exploring in detail the skills involved in handling clients, adversaries, regulators even the partners of the firm.

LAWYERING picks up where the law schools leave off and fills the gap between continuing legal education programs (concerned mainly with the substance of the law) and on-the-job training (focused on accomplishing particular projects). It's a book to be read not to gather dust on a shelf and its lively and informative style, liberally sprinkled with meaningful examples and case studies of lawyers in action, should appeal to all practising attorneys.

This book can be purchased from the publisher at or calling 212-457-7738 (ask for Linda).