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LEGAL-EASE: Fresh Insights Into Lawyering is unlike any book for or about lawyers that you have ever read.

The basic premise of Legal-Ease is that what lawyers actually do for a living consists of various functions thinking, communicating, dealing with people, making decisions that have recognizable counterparts in life generally.

James C. Freund, New York lawyer and author, has projected that premise into a number of real-life situations, designed to show that thinking like a lawyer helps an attorney grasp what's out there in the world beyond his practice, and that what happens outside has considerable relevance to lawyering.

Legal-ease is organized in terms of five overall themes: the way lawyers' minds work or sometimes, refuse to work with the empahsis on opening up thought processes that may have become too fossilized over the years; certain intangible skills by which good lawyers wend their way through chaotic surroundings in search of excellence; communicating, including avoiding misunderstandings and making points with clarity and emphasis; dealing with people their perceptions, their unvoiced expectations, their conflicts and dilemmas; and matters of judgment.

Along the way, Mr. Freund has sprinked a short story, a play, a summation in verse, a caricature of the typical lawyer and a guide to what's worth snatching from the bathrooms of first-class hotels.


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