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LINK ALERT! (December 2020)

Here's the link to click on to watch my 2020 Princeton Reunion presentation: JIM FREUND'S COCKTAIL HOUR YOUTUBE LINK

LINK ALERT! (December 2018)

Here's the link to click on to download my new album The Passage of Time: THE PASSAGE OF TIME DOWNLOAD LINK

LINK ALERT! (December 2017)

Here's the link to click on for my speech at Skadden Arps for my first novel "Three's a Crowd" : THREE'S A CROWD SPEECH VIDEO LINK

(December 2016)

Here's the link to click on for my Accentuate the Positive gig at the 92nd St. Y: ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE VIDEO LINK

Here's the link to click on for my "Photo Retrospective with Paige": PHOTO RETROSPECTIVE VIDEO LINK


      Thanks for visiting my website. My wife Barbara bought me the domain name a while back, and I took the plunge in 2009, as a 75th birthday present to myself.

      The idea here is to pull together into one place the varied activities I've been pursuing since my retirement in 1996. Although I no longer handle M&A deals, I still do a few things professionally mostly acting as a mediator, but also serving as an arbitrator or expert witness, conducting negotiating and mediating seminars and programs, and writing books and articles. So I've divided the website into a professional side and also a personal side that has segments from my photographic, musical, writing, public service, and family activities.

      As you'll see, this remains very much a work in process; and although I know what I want to include here eventually, it's not all loaded. So in places, for instance, you'll see reference to a gallery of photos that are "To come". Please check back from time to time I'm intent on having all those blanks filled, as well as adding new material as it's created.

      I invite you to explore each of these segments by clicking on your choice in the column on the left side of this page. Instructions on how to access the various items are contained in each of the sections. You won't be able to download photos, but you can view them in slideshows (which can be paused); you can see short excerpts from the videos; you can listen to all the songs on the CD's although they can't be downloaded; and the stories and articles can be read or saved on your computer and printed out, if you wish. When you're finished with one section and want to see another, come back to this page by clicking "HOME" on the green strip at the top of the section.

      This is a non-commercial enterprise, so if you would like to have a particular CD or DVD, just contact me at, with your postal address, and I'll send it to you at no charge. Similarly, if you see a photo you like, let me know, and I'll print a copy for you. And although this isn't a blog so you can't post comments on it I'd be most interested in your reaction. Just send any comments you have to the above e-mail address, or I'm reachable on my cell phone at 917-856-5846.

Jim Freund